Lodge Officers

2016 Officers

Worshipful Master

R.W. Gary Filson

Senior Warden

Michael J. Manzella

Junior Warden

W.B. Leroy Schneider


W.B. Larry Hriczak


Andrew Kaplan

Senior Deacon

W.B. Jeffrey Skaar

Junior Deacon

R.W. Roy Kowalski

Senior Master of Ceremonies

Arthur Brachowski

Junior Master of Ceremonies

Bro. Joseph Charette

Senior Steward

Bro. Frank Moschella

Junior Steward

W.B. John Millas


R.W. Ernest Buda


White Apron Brother John Dougherty


W.B. Alex Kolbasowski


W.B. George Petrontanakis


Proxy to Grand Lodge

R.W. Ernest Buda


One thought on “Lodge Officers

  1. Greetings,
    I was a member of the Lodge several years ago and due to a variety of personal issues had to stop attending and being active.
    I am interested in resuming my life in Masonry but not sure what that process would entail.

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